Premium Specialty Shapes

Create a unique, custom look for your home with Premium Specialty Shapes available inarched, circular and linear styles. Design and energy customizations complete your ideal windows.

Product Details

Enhance character

Add visual interest by highlighting your home’s architectural details with geometric shapes.

Durable construction

Fusion welded to create a strong, weathertight window for unmatched durability, longevity and performance.

Thermal efficiency

Fixed, non-opening window style provides exceptional weather resistance and thermal performance.

Versatile style

Use alone or in conjunction with other fixed or operable windows to create a unique window combination.

Distinctive shapes

Choose from a variety of specialty shapes , including the following: Half-Round, Extended Half - round, Eyebrow, Extended Eyebrow, Quarter-round, Extended Quarter-round, Extended Gothic, Clipped Corner, Double Clipped, Full Circle, Full Oval, Trapezoid, Right Triangle, Isosceles Triangle, Hexagon, Octagon and Pentagon .

  • Distinctive style

    From traditional to modern, specialty shapes highlight the architectural features of your home.

  • Built to last

    Fusion-welded construction creates a one-piece unit for reliable strength and durability.

  • Energy efficiency

    Excellent thermal performance with a1” double-strength insulating glass unit and the non-conductive Super Spacer®.

  • Custom Made

    Custom built to the exact size and specifications of your home to ensure proper installation and performance.

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