Madeira Picture Windows

Madeira Picture windows feature a timeless wood window appearance with the easy-care beauty and energy efficiency of premium vinyl.

Product Details

Unobstructed view

Wide open, unhindered views illuminate your home with abundant natural light.

Durable construction

Fusion-welded vinyl frame and sash provide unmatched durability, longevity and performance.

Thermal efficiency

Fixed, non-opening window style provides exceptional weather resistance and thermal performance.

Versatile style

Use alone or in conjunction with other fixed or operable windows to create a unique window combination.

Finished appearance

Windows are available in frame styles to meet every installation and architectural need.

  • Weathertight protection

    Fixed window, with no moveable sash, increases protection against wind and rain.

  • Traditional design

    3-1/4” wide frame complements classic architecture.

  • Enhanced insulation

    Glass units are set ¾ inch into the sash, providing optimal insulation and interior comfort.

  • Custom Made

    Custom built to the exact size and specifications of your home to ensure proper installation and performance.

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