DaylightMax Sliding Window

DaylighMax Sliding windows have a low-profile design that provides expansive views and floods your home with natural light.  Complete your window with a host of energy and design options—including a black interior finish.

Product Details

Complementary style

Streamlined design provides open views and more natural light, complementing any home style.

Flexible window style

Sliding windows are available in single or 3-lite slider configurations. The end vent slider window has three lites with operable end vents, making it perfect for replacing picture windows to gain ventilation.

Durable construction

Fusion-welded frame and sash deliver durability and weather resistance.

Smooth operation

Stainless steel pin axle wheels for ergonomic rolling.

Convenient access

Contoured pull stile easily opens the window and provides dependable performance over time.

Superior safety & security

Dual, low-profile, color-matched cam locks secure the window tightly against the elements.

Finished appearance

Windows are available in frame styles to meet every installation and architectural need. Choose from three decorative stucco trim frames including the Bullnose Frame, Craftsman Frame and Brickmould Frame.

  • Convenient functionality

    Single sash easily glides, left or right, to open horizontally for fresh air.

  • Narrow frame

    2-7/8″ narrow frame provides maximum daylight and viewing area.

  • Safe & secure

    AutoSense™ lock self-latches the window when it is closed.

  • Custom Made

    Custom built to the exact size and specifications of your home to ensure proper installation and performance.

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