6200 Awning Window

 Versatile, top-hinge 6200 Awning windows can be used in small spaces or in large combinations. A wide selection of design and energy customizations is available.

Product Details

Complementary style

Streamlined frame design perfectly complements any type of home.

Durable construction

Fusion-welded frame and sash deliver durability and weather resistance.

Convenient operation

The nesting crank handle neatly folds into the base and won’t interfere with drapes and blinds. The handle is easily accessed and engaged over sinks and countertops

Superior safety & security

Multi-point locking system tightly secures the window.

Effective insulation

Sash tightly engages around three lines of heavy-duty weatherstripping for advanced weatherability and energy efficiency.

Years and years of use

Sturdy, stainless steel hardware supports the sash and provides years of effortless operation

Ample ventilation

Full interior extruded screen with fiberglass mesh allows you to enjoy fresh air while helping keep bugs out; integral screen tracks provide a streamlined appearance.

Finished appearance

Windows are available in frame styles to meet every installation and architectural need. Choose from three decorative stucco trim frames including the Bullnose Frame, Craftsman Frame and Brickmould Frame

  • Unique ventilation

    Top-hinged design can remain open during light rain for fresh air.

  • Narrow frame

    Narrow frame design provides maximum daylight and viewing area.

  • Enhanced insulation

    Sash securely closes around advanced weatherstripping for optimal insulation and interior comfort.

  • Custom Made

    Custom built to the exact size and specifications of your home to ensure proper installation and performance.

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