6100 Bay & Bow Windows

6100 Bay & Bow windows add dimension to your home’s interior and exterior while providing more daylight and viewing area.

Product Details

Complementary style

Raised exterior frame design complements any style of home.

Durable construction

Fusion-welded construction delivers unmatched durability, strength and performance

Moisture barrier

Contoured bullnose vinyl trim guards against temperature changes, while the sloped interior dam helps protect against water infiltration.

Custom finishing

Head and seat boards, in either 1-1/4" thick oak or birch veneer, may be stained or painted to match the interior of your home.

Superior insulation

Seat boards with 1-1/2" thick insulation create a barrier against drafts and temperature fluctuations.

Strong support

Heavy-duty cable support system utilizes a zero -slip clamp that securely anchors the window for precision installation and structural integrity.

Decorative touch

Optional, color-matched wooden knee braces are available for the exterior of your home.

  • Room - opening bay

    Bay windows combine three window sat 30-or 45-degree angles for a dramatic effect.

  • Elegant bow

    Bow windows combine three, four or five windows at a 10-degree angle for a subtle, arced appearance.

  • Elevated style

    Fusion-welded construction creates a one-piece unit for reliable strength and durability.

  • Custom Made

    Custom built to the exact size and specifications of your home to ensure proper installation and performance.

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